General Support

For our Corporate Maintenance Clients please login to our Online Help Desk Application and Enter/View Support Tickets.

For All other Support Related Options please contact us at:

Email Support

If you are experiencing problems with Any aspect of your Email Solution please try some of these online help resources.

Configuring Your Email Account

Please Keep in Mind these Settings when Configuring your Email Application

  • Incomming Email Server Name:
  • Outgoing Email Server Name:
  • User Name:
  • Password: The Password you chose when you setup your Account
** Replace YourHostName Above with the Registered Domain for your Email Accounts. **

Attachment Issues

Please Note That Some Email Server limit the size off Attachments that their recipients can receive. If you are having emails with attachments being returned to you. Please check the size of the attachment, and contact the recipient to see if they are allowed to receive attacments of that size.

Password Issues

Please try to remember that passwords are case sensitive. If you accidently have your 'Caps Lock' enabled and you did not specify all caps in your password setup, it will reject your password.

If you are still having problems you can contact us at:

Web Hosting Support

If you are experiencing problems with your website please check your Content Management System to verify your sites content. You can try some of the support options directly from your Content Management System. If you are still experienceing problems, or the problem is not related to your sites content please contact us at: